The RV Park – Home Sweet Home or You Said Your RV Was How Long ?

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The RV Park

Thought it was about time for another Celebration RV Tour post. When we last left our two intrepid explorers, they were knee deep in insurance, registration and storage. You may remember what a hornets nest that turned into, but let me tell you, that was nothing compared to what lay ahead.

By September, we had a general idea of the route we wanted to take and the cities that would be targeted for the movie events, but hadn’t laid down the specifics on dates, places we were going to stay, hikes, sightseeing etc. Since I was the one that had dealt with the other issues, Don volunteered to handle the schedule, which included the RV Parks. We both assumed ( that gets us into soooo much trouble ) that it might turn into a couple day job, so no big deal. We also assumed that the easiest part of it would be making reservations at the RV campgrounds. Right ? How complicated could that be ?

Ok, I need to take a paragraph to go over our particular rig, and what makes it, and all those like it, a problem child. Number 1, and this is a biggie, it’s 45′ long. That’s the longest trailer allowed on the road, and it’s also a relative newcomer to the RV world, so many of the businesses that support the RV industry, including RV Parks, haven’t yet adjusted for this new class of beasties. Second, it’s a power hog. To run all the bells and whistles, you need 50 amp service. You can get by with 30 amps if you don’t run the air conditioner, but in the summertime, it can be a necessity, especially when you are carrying animals.  Finally, we have a residential frig, meaning it runs only on electricity or battery, so dry camping is a lot more difficult. Now mind you, had we have done our homework before we bought this thing, we quite possibly would have gone a different direction, but we love it, and are always up for a good challenge.

Anyway, back to the planning. First order of business was to determine where we definitely wanted to go, what areas would benefit most from the movie event, and what hikes were on the can’t miss list. From there Don put together a 2 day here, 4 day there, this road that road list, and gave me the dates so I could start working on the movie side. Then came the task of making the RV Park reservations. ” How long did you say that trailer was ?”, ” Yeh, we probably have a couple of spots that could take it, but you can’t make reservations until January “, ” Oh sorry, we only have 20 amp service “, and on and on. Finding an RV Park that could take our trailer length, had enough power, and had pull through sites was cause for celebration. A pull through is just what it sounds like, you enter from the back and leave from the front, that way you don’t spend your entire 3 day visit trying to back your beast into a slot the  size of a bowling lane.

There is one more issue that came as a bit of a surprise; The Pet Policy. With 65 percent of Rver’s taking their pets, you’d think that would actually be one thing you wouldn’t have to worry about, wrong again. Some parks allow 1 dog, some 2, some restrict the breed, but the most challenging, is that some will not allow you to leave the animals unattended in your rig. That should be interesting. I can see it now, ” Ok honey, I’ll go on the 10 mile hike, and then when I get back, you can go “, or ” I made dinner reservations at this great restaurant. Yours is at 6:00 and mines at 8:00.” or ” The animals will be fine, we’ll just leave the air conditioning running in the truck for the next 6 hours, while we put on the event.” I get that these parks don’t want a dog barking all day long while the owners are out running around, but really, that’s taking it just a bit too far. Thank goodness, they don’t often address cats, or we’d be in big trouble.

So here we are, 6 weeks later, with 6 reservations out of the 20 or so we’ll need. Suffice it to say, I haven’t started working on the movie side yet, that’ll have to wait until we get a little further down the road. As I’ve said before, this is going to be a wild ride.

Heather Spencer

Mission Positive Films



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