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There is always a point when you have to say ” Goodbye “. This has been a period of way too many of them, including a final goodbye to one of my dearest friends. I was blessed to have him in my life, and he will be in my heart always.

The Crystal

There hung a beautiful crystal in a large picture window of the house. It held an almost countless number of facets as it was cut by the hand of the master, but had been hanging there long enough that time and circumstance had marred some of its surfaces. At times the wind had blown so hard that the crystal was dashed to the hard floor below, and though the impacts created chips and cracks on some of its edges, it had never broken.

If you entered the room when the light was low, you might miss seeing it, for other than a bit of dust, it was perfectly clear, but it’s location had been carefully chosen. The window behind it received the morning sun, and as soon as the first ray of light hit the crystal, it came alive. From it radiated brilliant blues, and greens; sparkling pinks, magentas, and purples; glowing reds, yellows and oranges, and everything in between. The shimmering colors reached all parts of the room, and when the breeze blew, the lights danced, creating an infinite number of dazzling patterns. Even it’s damaged edges were able to receive the suns light, and emit their own unique design. All those that were lucky enough to witness the crystal’s display were awed by it’s power and beauty, and in seeing the damage it had survived, recognized its rare strength.

One day a deadly storm came through carrying a cold and howling wind. The crystal was tossed from one side to the next as it swung and spun on it’s delicate string. Before long, the string could take no more and it was hurled once again to the floor, but this time the impact came on an edge that had already been weakened, and the crystal shattered into many pieces. When the storm subsided and the owner of the house saw what had happened, he carefully picked up all of the broken pieces and gave one to each person that had seen the crystal whole. He knew that as soon as the sun’s ray passed through the piece, it would send out a brilliant beam of color to remind them of the incredible beauty they had witnessed.


Goodbye Dear Friend. Until we meet again.

Mission Positive Films


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