The Celebrate Life Tour – What ! I Thought You Said Eight ?

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And Three Makes Eleven. From Left To Right: Bruno, Josie, and Gracie.

The Celebrate Life Tour – What ! I Thought You Said Eight ?

Our first official overnight guest in the RV was aware going in that he would be sharing space with our seven cats and one dog. When we picked him up at the airport, he jokingly said “ OK, so how many of them will be sleeping with me, all eight of them ? “. We laughed with him for a little bit before telling him that it wasn’t eight anymore, it was actually eleven. After we picked him up off the floor, he said, “ WHAT ! How’d it get to be ELEVEN ? “.

OK, I know that you already have been thinking we were nuts, and this will probably confirm it, but there is a very good reason we ended up with three extra furballs on our 3 month Celebrate Life Tour RV trip.

A few weeks before we were scheduled to leave, we discovered a litter of three kittens playing in our front yard. As young as they were, we had 2 choices; do nothing, or take them in. Doing nothing is of course the easiest option; that is until they start multiplying, and trust me, rabbits have nothing on cats when it comes to reproducing. Also, feral cats are becoming a serious problem in our neighborhood, and Hawaii in general. You’re now thinking, “ Why didn’t they just take them to the Humane Society ? ”. That’s exactly what we would have done if they would have accepted them, but in Hawaii, they’ll only accept kittens if they’re on solid food, and they are “ adoptable”, meaning handleable, and this threesome didn’t meet either of those requirements. So, the plan was to take them in and get them “ handleable “, while looking for their forever homes. Shoots, we had 4 weeks, so no problem, right ?

As the clock kept ticking, we weren’t getting any closer to finding them homes, but we did find some very interesting information. First, in Hawaii, those that have a fondness for cats are in the minority, and almost always have as many as they can handle. Second, the very few that are actually looking for kittens, would rather pay a couple of hundred dollars at a pet store than getting a free one from someone they don’t know.

With time running out, we turned from trying to find forever homes, to just trying to find someone to babysit them while we were gone. Our house sitters were open to feeding them, and litter box duty, but they wouldn’t be there most of the time. I don’t know about you, but having 3 rambunctious kittens running loose for 3 months without supervision just wasn’t an appealing thought. I doubt they would bring down the structure, but I’d put money on coming back to an interior that was either broken or shredded, and since we actually want to live in the house when we get back, that wasn’t an option.

The day before our flight, we reluctantly made the only choice left open to us, which was to take them with us, and hope that we could find homes for them during our travels. We ran them over to our wonderfully accommodating vet, got their health certs, and called the airlines about the quantity change. And then there were eleven.

The Celebrate Life Tour

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