The Books are Coming ! The Books are Coming!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you’re all having a good July ! Well there will be some great summer reading on the website within the next couple of weeks, all of course keeping in our theme to inspire, motivate and educate. We already have our first offering, which is from our own Mack Dryden, one of the humorists being featured in the upcoming movie ” C – A Celebration of Life ” . Mack is a double cancer survivor and a well renowned comedian and writer. You can see his bio on this blog site and the website.

The book titled ” Fluffing the Concrete ” is about his harrowing experience surviving a North African prison. Though the subject is extremely serious, Mack has such a wonderfully funny and easy way of writing,  that I had a really hard time putting it down. It is a very positive look at how you can turn a bad situation into something meaningful, and a great read. The paperback is available on the website now, and the downloadable version will follow soon.

Some of the books that you’ll be seeing shortly are

” The Book of Awesome “,

” Just Don’t Fall ” by our own Josh Sundquist,

” Finding Your Zone “,

” Outsmart Your Genes “,

” Anticancer – A New Way of Life “,

” Energy Medicine for Women “,

” It’s Not About the Bike “,

” Eat, Prey, Love ”

and a whole lot more. As soon as they arrive, I’ll be offering a sale to those of you who watch the blog or have signed up for the newsletter.

Stay Happy !



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