Mission Positive Films Presents ” The Celebrate Life Honolulu” Event Photos

Mission Positive Films Presents ” The Celebrate Life Honolulu” Event Photos

This is a slide show of the pictures taken during the ” Celebrate Life ” event in Honolulu on April 2nd, 2016 at the Ward Warehouse.

Lots of great food, information booths, Healing Touch, wonderful gifts, incredible guest speakers, and a showing of the award winning documentary, ” C – A Celebration of Life “.

I’ll be posting in the next week on the behind the scenes stories that made this event so special. Believe me, generosity and helping others is alive and well in our world.

Big thanks to Stephane Lacasa with Stephane Lacasa Photography for providing the photos.

Heather M Spencer

Mission Positive Films

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C- A Celebration of Life Receives Award From Depth of Field Film Festival

C-A Celebration of Life, C A Celebration of Life,A Celebration of Life,Celebration of Life,Mission Positive Films,MPF,Heather M Spencer

We received some wonderful news.
Our film ” C – A Celebration of Life ” received the award for Outstanding Excellence in 3 categories in the
Depth of Field International Film Festival

Documentary Short
Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational
Content/Message Delivery

So grateful for this very special recognition.

Mission Positive Films


Celebrate Life Event – Honolulu – Check Out The New Poster

Celebrate Life Event Honolulu – Check Out The New Poster

Celebrate Life,Celebrate Life Honolulu, Mission Positive Films,C A Celebration of Life,C-A Celebration of Life,Celebration of Life,A Celebration of Life

Thank you to our amazing guest speakers, and to all the generous sponsors that are making this event possible. It’s going to be a blast !

Mission Positive Films

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Celebrate Life Event – Honolulu – Fabulous Gifts For The Drawing !

Celebrate Life Event Honolulu – The Great Giftaway

Big Mahalo for the generosity of the Ward Stores in making our Free Drawing something very special. We have fabulous gifts to give away from:

Big Bad Wolf, Buca Di Beppo, Crazy Shirts, Dave and Busters, Downtown Gifthings, Famous Footwear, Happy Wahine, Island Olive Oil, Merle Norman, Noa Noa, Paul Brown, The Pet Corner, Pictures Plus, Rix Island Wear, Sedona, UIltimate Foot Store, and The Wedding Cafe.

Celebrate Life,Celebrate Life Event Honolulu,Celebrate Life Honolulu,Celebration of Life,A Celebration of Life,C-A Celebration of Life,C A Celebration of Life,Mission Positive Films

Don’t miss this one !

Mission Positive Films

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Celebrate Life Event Honolulu – Get Your Taste Buds Ready

Good Food at The Celebrate Life Event – Honolulu

Get your taste buds ready. The Celebrate Life event will have delicious pupu’s provided by Big City Diner, Kaka’ako Kitchen, Kincaid’s, The Old Spaghetti Factory, and Pa’ina Cafe.

YUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrate Life,Celebrate Life Honolulu, Come Celebrate Life,C A Celebration of Life,C-A Celebration of Life,A Celebration of Life,Celebration of Life,Mission Positive Films 

Mission Positive Films

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Who We Are – The Crystal

The Crystal,Mission Positive Films,MPF,Who we are the crystal

There is always a point when you have to say ” Goodbye “. This has been a period of way too many of them, including a final goodbye to one of my dearest friends. I was blessed to have him in my life, and he will be in my heart always.

The Crystal

There hung a beautiful crystal in a large picture window of the house. It held an almost countless number of facets as it was cut by the hand of the master, but had been hanging there long enough that time and circumstance had marred some of its surfaces. At times the wind had blown so hard that the crystal was dashed to the hard floor below, and though the impacts created chips and cracks on some of its edges, it had never broken.

If you entered the room when the light was low, you might miss seeing it, for other than a bit of dust, it was perfectly clear, but it’s location had been carefully chosen. The window behind it received the morning sun, and as soon as the first ray of light hit the crystal, it came alive. From it radiated brilliant blues, and greens; sparkling pinks, magentas, and purples; glowing reds, yellows and oranges, and everything in between. The shimmering colors reached all parts of the room, and when the breeze blew, the lights danced, creating an infinite number of dazzling patterns. Even it’s damaged edges were able to receive the suns light, and emit their own unique design. All those that were lucky enough to witness the crystal’s display were awed by it’s power and beauty, and in seeing the damage it had survived, recognized its rare strength.

One day a deadly storm came through carrying a cold and howling wind. The crystal was tossed from one side to the next as it swung and spun on it’s delicate string. Before long, the string could take no more and it was hurled once again to the floor, but this time the impact came on an edge that had already been weakened, and the crystal shattered into many pieces. When the storm subsided and the owner of the house saw what had happened, he carefully picked up all of the broken pieces and gave one to each person that had seen the crystal whole. He knew that as soon as the sun’s ray passed through the piece, it would send out a brilliant beam of color to remind them of the incredible beauty they had witnessed.


Goodbye Dear Friend. Until we meet again.

Mission Positive Films


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MPF Eye on Shorts – Can You Read My Lips ? – by Little Moving Pictures

Can You Read My Lips ?

This is a very interesting short on the difficulties dealing with hearing impairment in an auditory world. What makes it different than you would expect, is that it gives the audience a taste of what it’s like to try and lip read, and let me tell you, that’s not an easy thing to do. I found myself really trying to follow what was being said but failing completely, so I came away with great admiration for those amazing folks that are able to accomplish it. Hope you enjoy the experience.

Mission Positive Films

Can you read my lips,MPF Eye on Shorts - Can you read my lips,MPF,Mission Positive Films,
Rachel Kolb stars and narrates ” Can You Read My Lips ?”
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MPF Eye on Technology – 3D Bioprinter Creates Bone, Muscle, And Cartilage

3D Bioprinter

Technology in today’s world is fascinating, we seem to be making great strides in so many areas. 3D printing is creating incredible possibilities in numerous fields, but this is truly an exciting development that will make a huge difference in countless peoples lives.

3D Bioprinter Creates Bone, Muscle–And Cartilage For This Ear

Almost good enough to be transplanted into humans

3d bioprinter,Mission Positive Films,MPF Eye on Technology 3D Bioprinter,MPF Eye on Technology - 3D Bioprinter Creates Bone, Muscle, And Cartilage,MPF
3D printer created this synthetic tissue
Synthetic cartilage printed in the form of an ear by the Integrated Tissue-Organ Printing System at Wake Forest UniversityBecause the demand for donors’ organs and tissues is so high, researchers have spent years engineering synthetic tissues that could be transplanted into humans. But that’s not very easy to do—many of the gel-like tissues have been too mushy to be moved into a living organism, and without the intricate pathways in the tissue through which oxygen and other nutrients can travel, the living cells inside don’t survive long.

Now a team of researchers from Wake Forest University has created a 3D bioprinter that creates large synthetic bone, cartilage, and muscle tissue that is viable for weeks or months at a time when implanted in animals. With a bit more work, the researchers believe these 3D printed tissues could be transplanted into humans, according to a study published today in Nature Biotechology.

The tool, called the Integrated Tissue-Organ Printing System, creates synthetic tissues out of a biodegradable polymer that contains living cells. This mixture is dabbed into the desired shape through nozzles that are fractions of an inch wide. The printer simultaneously creates an outer mold that dissolves once the tissue has hardened, leaving behind a tissue lattice that is structurally sound but also contains tiny channels through which oxygen can reach the living cells. With CT scans taken before the printing begins, the tissue can be printed into the exact shape needed in the patient’s body.

The researchers printed a human-size piece of jawbone, the cartilage of an ear (complete with complex folds), and soft muscle tissue. They then took small samples of these synthetic tissues and implanted them: the bone and muscle went in rats, and the cartilage in mice. When they checked on the implants after a number of weeks, they found that each of the synthetic tissues had been integrated with the rat’s own tissues. The synthetic ones were healthy and working well.

While the 3D bioprinter method takes longer than other techniques that make viable synthetic tissues, the tissues it produces are larger. To work around the structural challenge presented by larger synthetic tissues, researchers had previously been working on the tiniest scales.

The researchers haven’t yet tested these tissues on humans. Before doing that, they intend to make synthetic tissues with different types of cells from the body. If they can do that, they would want to extract some of the human’s own cells to put into the synthetic tissue. That would help the tissue integrate better, making the body less like to reject the transplant.

Posted in Popular Science Online

Mission Positive Films

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MPF Eye on Health – The Darkness and The Light

The Darkness and The Light

The Darkness and The light,Mission Positive Films,MPF Eye on Health,MPF Eye on Health the Darkness and the Light,Heather M Spencer

This post is for a dear friend that is caught in the depths of deep depression. I’m hoping she will be able to find her way out of the darkness into the light.

The Darkness and The Light ∼ For those who have never really known depression, it’s akin to residing in darkness where form is barely visible, but depth and detail are not. You sense that there is light around you, but you can’t find your way to it, and the fear of falling further into that darkness paralyzes you from any movement at all. As the cold and dampness envelope you, you start finding an uneasy level of familiarity, then acceptance, and finally comfort. This must be where you belong, for certainly you would not be here otherwise. The thought, the deed, or the experience that brought you here, have made you unworthy for anything else. From a distance you hear the voices of your family and friends trying to tell you otherwise, but you know better, as would they, if they really knew the truth. You soon begin setting roots into the core of this place of solitude and despair, because the effort needed to remove yourself seems overwhelming.

There are times, you hear a few words that pierce the gloom to remind you of the world you left behind, and when you look for their origin, you find a match that for a few brief moments shines light into the darkness. The light brings warmth and sight, and you hold on tight until it burns itself out and you are once again surrounded by blackness. At some point, one of those matches illuminates the smallest amount of kindling material, which you carefully use to start a fire before the power of the match is gone. A hope stirs in your heart, which is at once both frightening and exciting, but you hesitate and forget to protect the small burgeoning flame from the unpredictable wind, and in an instant, it’s gone. But now your world has become even darker, for you were in the presence of the light that has once again been lost.

Time has no meaning in this place, and the hours and days pass without notice. There is no love, no hate, no laughter, and at some point, no tears, for you are being absorbed by the abyss. Your mind has lost the will to fight, for it sees no escape, and therefore no reason to try.

But when the mind retreats, the spirit awakens, for in it, lies our will to live, and it rails against the darkness. It desperately searches for the means to start and protect that little fire so that it can burn bright until the suns first rays arrive. As the flames leap and dance, what had just seemed flat and lifeless now shows it’s depth and dimension, and we begin to again see the beauty that surrounds us. The cold and dampness that had enshrouded us, is replaced with warmth, and the relief that comes from knowing the night is finally ending.

Soon the glow of the fire gives way to our new dawn, and the loving words of our friends and family can again be heard. We have found our way back to the light, and for a time, we see the true glory of the colors that are in Natures palette, we smell the rich aromas that come from this window or that garden, feel the light breezes that caress the skin, and hear the sweetness of the music that is life. Our senses seem reborn for we have been in darkness without them for far too long, and even though it almost overwhelms us, we pray that it never ends. We have survived. ∼

If you have a loved one that is suffering from depression, please do what you can to support them, and never give up hope.

The Darkness and The Light

Heather M Spencer

Mission Positive Film

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