Observations – Communication in the Modern Age – The Webinar vs The Seminar

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The Webinar. In today’s world, there’s no need to have to leave home, or your vacation hideaway to get your learning fix. You can now do it from the comfort of your own hammock. Now that’s living.

This morning I attended a ” webinar”. I got up 15 minutes before it started ( being in Hawaii, what is morning on the mainland, is dark thirty here ), made coffee, and settled in front of my computer, jammies and all. I didn’t brush my teeth or hair, put on makeup, or worry at all about my appearance, sweet ! All hail technology !

Now, let’s turn the clock back a few years. If I was lucky enough to have the speaker come to Hawaii for a ” Seminar “, I would have had to get up 2 hours before it started, make coffee for a ” to go ” cup, do the whole makeup, hair, and clothes thing, and then head straight into morning commute traffic. Upon arriving at the location, I would have spent 15 minutes threading my way up a never ending maze of a parking garage, and then at a half-run barely made it to the check in table to get my badge, and handouts. Once in the room, I would be slithering through one of the narrow isles between the rows of chairs trying not to step on someone’s toes, to get to that one remaining chair right in the middle of the row. And you already know that seated right in front of me is the world’s tallest person, so to see the speaker, I have to cock my head to one side or the other, and just as soon as I do, they move their head the same direction. Sound familiar.

Now, all you webinar and seminar speakers, please don’t get offended, because most of you are great at your jobs, but after a couple hours of any power point presentation, the listeners start to develop a case of ” the heavy eyelids “. Thankfully, that’s usually when the morning break comes, which also means time for a pit stop, which especially for the ladies, also means time to wait in line while your bladder is stretched to the max from the morning coffee. Then you quickly grab another cup of coffee, and of course, one of the highly nutritious sweet rolls that have been sitting out for about 4 hours, yum, and then squish back in to your chair. A few more hours pass, you pay a ridiculous parking fee, and then you’re on your way home, with hopefully a little bit of time left to get some work done before your evening duties begin.

Again I say, ” All hail technology “. I spent half the time, in the comfort of my own office, did a bit of multi tasking during some slow periods, got the biggest part of a day’s worth of work done, didn’t pay a cent for parking or gas, and learned something to boot. And though my taste buds miss that old dried up sweet roll, my waistline is definitely better off.

Heather Spencer – Webinar Junkie

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