Next Running Adventure

This May I’m heading over to New Orleans for a conference. So I decided to make the most out of this trip, and add a few miles to it. Since I graduated from LSU, I always wanted to do something that involved running around the LSU lakes. In May, I’ll run a few miles for a local cancer charity that helps children with their battles. There is one boy in particular that I raised money for in the past who continues to fight the uphill battle. I hope to combine running 50 miles around the LSU lakes and seeing him out there. Maybe we can walk a little distance together. For him, it will be like running a 100 miles. For me, it will be like I made a difference even if very small.

The date is set yet, but will be some time after May 15th. I’m working with some local friends to arrange logistics. But just give me a few hours and some water, and I’m good to go! Before then, I’m spending my training time focused in the triathlon season and some night trail runs. There’s nothing like running for a few hours on the dark trails during a rain storm to relax the mind.

So if you happen to be in the Baton Rouge area around mid-May, I welcome you to join me for a few miles of my 50 mile trot around the LSU lakes. I’ll post more frequently on my Twitter account under @CancerRunner.

Until then, look around the world and see how you can make a difference. It’s an amazing life out there, so live it to its fullest without regrets.


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