MPF – The Celebrate Life Events Fighter and Survivor Slide Show

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The Celebrate Life Events Fighter and Survivor Slide Show

Life can be so interesting. You plan and prepare, and have an idea on how things should unfold, but somehow the picture in your head seldom matches the reality. Fortunately, in many cases, what actually happens works out considerably better than if it had gone the way we planned. Well that certainly was the case for me regarding a Fighter and Survivor slide show I wanted to put together for the Celebrate Life events. I thought how nice it would be to have something for folks to watch as they were arriving that would inform and inspire, and what’s more inspirational to those dealing with cancer than finding out a little bit about others that are walking that same road. So I sent out a call for photos through all the social media sites, and just knew the pictures would come pouring in. Uh, not !

OK, on to plan B. Still convinced that the Fighter and Survivor slide show was important, I started searching Facebook for photos that showed the courage and bravery that is at the core of those that face cancer, and then contacted the person that had posted them. As you can imagine that was a much greater time and labor investment than I had originally intended, but the surprise that came with it, was something I could have never anticipated.

Had my original plan worked out, I would have gotten a lot of pictures, put together a Fighter and Survivor slide show, and moved on to the rest of the event planning. By having to contact people individually, I received an incredible gift, the gift that only comes with connecting to others. I was rewarded with wonderful stories of hope, of strength, of love, and have become invested in the lives of the beautiful faces that are in those pictures. So the editing that would have normally been considered ” run of the mill “, was transformed into a labor of caring, because I was now dealing with the photos of newly discovered friends.

The project that was intended to be for the benefit of those attending the events, had also turned into a blessing to the giver. All I can say is that I’m so grateful that it didn’t work out ” my way “, I would have missed out on so very much.

Thank you to all who have shared your pictures and stories, you are a light to all those that are trying to find their way through the darkness of a terrifying disease. So many of you have mentioned the hope that your experience will be of help to others. In that vein, we will be sharing a number of your journeys on this blog over the next few weeks. I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy life. Stay true to the beauty you have within, and as so many of you have said, ” Never give up “.

Heather M Spencer

Mission Positive Films

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3 thoughts on “MPF – The Celebrate Life Events Fighter and Survivor Slide Show”

  1. Thank you Anne for your beautiful words, and for allowing me to include your pictures. I hope to meet you in person before too long. All the Best, Heather

  2. Heather, what a beautiful video. It really shows the resilience of people and how simple things like family, friends and a kind word can ease human suffering. Thank you for including me in the video and the Heroines Choir. If you ever come to the South Florida area, please let me know. I would love to thank you in person.


    Anne Llewellyn

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