MPF Observation Series – Where oh Where is The Fountain of Youth ?

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The Fountain of Youth

Man has been looking for the Fountain of Youth since the first mirror was hung on a cave wall. Through most of history, it was believed to be a magic spring that gave instant youth to anyone who drank from the water. ( Wow, wouldn’t you love to have stock in that one. ) Century after century passed, but the hunt went on, and even as sophisticated as we consider ourselves to be today, we are still searching. Though we know there isn’t an actual “spring” in Florida, we are still looking for the water in creams, serums, injections, pills, and procedures.

Now the simplest solution, and cheapest by the way, would have been to get rid of all the mirrors. If you couldn’t see your reflection, you would always be young, for inside we are all Peter Pan. Unfortunately, the selfie has eliminated the possibility of that working, so we’ll move on to something else.

The Fountain of Youth industry is huge, I mean mega huge, and if you are counseling your children on what career field to choose, that’s the one. We are a nation of baby boomers that have no intention of giving up that youthful glow, and we’ll spend a small fortune trying to make sure we don’t. The problem though, is that unless you’re Sophia Loren or Sean Connery, all those creams, pills and procedures aren’t quite doing the job. So the cosmetic and drug companies keep churning out the products, and using 20 year olds in their advertising campaigns to show you how well their wrinkle cream works.

I’m convinced though that the Fountain of Youth really does exist, but not in a place you’d think to look. I happened upon the proof of it a few years ago when I had the extreme pleasure of spending an afternoon with a 105 year old double cancer survivor. Her name was Saramae Landers, and she was a retired educator. She loved to travel, which included celebrating her 104th birthday in Thailand because she wanted to ride an elephant. She went to the senior center every morning to socialize, and dance, and sing. She was involved in politics, took a community college course every semester, and had a margarita at least once a week. She was sharp as a tack, would laugh at every opportunity, and was as young in spirit as she had been decades earlier.  I knew that afternoon, that she had found the fountain, but it wasn’t water that gave her youth, it was passion. A passion to learn, to experience, to live.

Since then I have seen a few others that are forever young, and they also have that passion for life and learning. If you just give them a glance, you’ll see wrinkles, and the other signs of an aging body, but if you look into their eyes, you see the fire of life, and it burns bright. They know that the essence of who we are is not in our bodies, but in our souls, and there, youth never ends.

For me, I haven’t found the Fountain of Youth yet, but at least now I know where to look, and as long as I keep my mirrors to a minimum, I think I have a good chance.

Heather M Spencer

Mission Positive Films


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