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The Robotic Kitchen

I have always envied those special folks that love to cook. I get the urge on occasion, and we’re talking rare occasion, but most of the time, I’m trying to come up with the fastest, easiest way to get the food on and off the table. Well it looks like technology is coming to the rescue.

In 2017 Moley will launch the consumer version of the Robotic Kitchen featuring a pair of fully articulated robotic arms that can reproduce  the entire function of human hands with the same speed, and sensitivity of movement. The unit includes an oven, a sink, a touchscreen unit, all the utensils needed to create a series of delicious meals, and it can also be operated remotely via smartphone, so you can have it prepare dinner while you’re on your way home.

How does the magic happen ? A chef preparing a meal is recorded in 3D, and the system is able to capture not just the exact movements, but each nuance as well, so the robotic hands are able to duplicate the entire process. There is growing collection of recipes from around the world that will be accessible through an iTunes style library.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely putting the Robotic Kitchen on my Christmas wish list. Oh, and by the way, it also cleans up after itself. Wow !

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