MPF Eye On Health – The Value Of Being Able To Walk

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The Value Of Being Able To Walk

A new friend posted a great article on the health benefits of gratitude, and the importance of recognizing daily the good things that affect our lives. Of course that got me thinking about the many simple things I just take for granted without realizing how different my life would be without them. That in turn led me to think about the lovely man who is facing terminal cancer, and is rapidly losing his ability to walk. The reach of that change is staggering, and it impacts every moment of his waking hours.

Most of us that are lucky enough to be able to walk, go through our routine without even considering how easy we really have it. Just think for a moment on all the pieces of our day that involve ambulatory movement. We wake up and usually, our first stop is the bathroom. Then we head to the kitchen for coffee, or out the door to walk the dog, or a quick jog. Now we’re off to get into a car, bus or train, once at work we’re back and forth to meetings, the copy machine, or the water cooler. On the way home, we stop at the grocery store, or take the kids to some after school activity, then dinner, then after dinner chores, then finally plop in bed exhausted from all the moving we did. Now, think about trying to do any of those things without being able to walk. Even the simplest part of our day would involve an enormous effort.

There are so many in the world that deal with the staggering challenges of being confined to a wheel chair or bed, and yet they still embrace life and find ways to be an integral part of society. They are more than inspiring, they are a testament to the strength and courage of the human spirit. So my grateful thought today is being enormously thankful for being able to walk, and hopefully, the next time I start to moan and groan about the little insignificant aches and pains that accompany the passing years, I’ll catch myself and remember that if that’s my biggest issue, I’m truly blessed.

Heather M Spencer

Mission Positive Films

The Value of Being Able To Walk

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