MPF Celebrate Life Events – Looking for Your Inspirational Pictures !

Looking for Your Inspirational Pictures !!!!

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We are looking for inspirational pictures of people who are bravely fighting cancer, or who have beat it, for the slideshow presentation at the Celebrate Life Events this year. We are also looking for tips and tricks on how to help during and after treatments. These are free events designed to help all those touched by cancer, and will be shown in Honolulu, Portland, Seatlle, Vancouver, Calgary, Coeur D-Alene, Missoula, Jackson Hole, Boise, and a few other cities.
If you have a picture you’d like to share, please send a JPEG or PNG file to
Please also send
* Your name
* Where your from
* What type of cancer you’re fighting or have beaten
* If you’re a survivor, how long you’ve been cancer free

There is no compensation for sharing your photo.

If you are under 18, you must have your parent or guardian send the picture and information.

Please be assured that your personal Email, address, or phone information is secure, and will only be used by the event organizers. You will not be put on a mailing list, your inspirational pictures will not be used for any other purpose that what is outlined above, and Mission Positive Films is receiving no compensation for this event.

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