C – A Celebration of Life – Stories of Hope, Courage and Survival

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C – A Celebration of Life

” You Have Cancer ”
Three terrifying words that can bring
even the strongest person to their knees.
Follow the journey of 12 amazing people from diagnosis through survivorship of one of today’s most dreaded diseases.
Hear the stories of how they won the fight of their lives, see the treatments firsthand that helped them do it,
and find out how the experience forever changed them.

Though they all come from different decades of life,
with different ethnic backgrounds, and different cancers,
their message is the same:

“Follow Your Dreams and Celebrate Each Day.”

More information about C – A Celebration of Life, and the featured survivors, please visit our website.


We are honored that this film has been recognized with the following awards:

* Best Documentary – 2016 Alive Documentary Film Festival

* Special Jury Award – 2014 Worldfest Houston Int’l Film Festival

* Four Outstanding Excellence Awards – 2016 DOIFF

* Three Outstanding Excellence Awards – 2016 WRPN.TV

Short, Tight and Loose Global Film Festival Competition

* Five Merit Awards – 2016 Indie Fest Film Awards

* Official Selection of – Awareness Festival, Women’s Int’l Film Festival, Life Fest Film Festival, & Festigious Int’l Film Festival

Mission Positive Films

C – A Celebration of Life


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