Meet Josh & Mack, Our New Amazing Family Members

Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Please meet the two newest members to the ” C- A Celebration of Life ” documentary that’s currently being filmed.

First let me introduce Josh Sundquist. He is a bone cancer survivor, that is only in his mid twenties, but has already accomplished a lifetimes worth of achievements. He is a paralympic skier, published author, and highly acclaimed motivational speaker. If you’ll click on his tab in the column to the right, you’ll be able to read more about him and get the link to his website.

Now, please meet Mack Dryden. Mack is an amazing double cancer survivor, that was born to make us laugh. He’s an award winning writer and comedian that has shown his talent on the Tonight Show, with both Johnny and Jay, numerous TV shows, and has been the funny man behind the funny man on the show Politically Incorrect. Please click on Mack’s tab on the right to read more about him and get his website link.

When you visit both Josh’s and Mack’s website, check out their videos, they’re great!

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