It Takes a Village

Celebration Tour for Core Commerce Slideshow

I’ve been looking for a theme for next year’s Celebration Tour that encompasses what we are trying to accomplish. What popped into my head is ” It Takes a Village “, which seems more and more fitting as I think through it. Cancer, though a very personal experience, cannot be dealt with alone. It takes a team of medical professionals, and I’m not referring to just to standard Western medicine. Those that are fighting cancer holistically also need a team to help sort through the best course of treatment. But a medical team is just part it, an emotional support system is extremely important; family, friends, social workers, church, psychologists, and support groups. Then there’s the financial side as treatment can be surprisingly expensive, which may involve fundraising, and loans. If you take it to the next level, you have the researchers that are working diligently on new and more effective treatments, and the companies that make and distribute those treatments. Don’t forget the lobbyists that are working on legislation to increase funding for research, and   the government agencies that are working with hospitals and care facilities to try and make sure patients have the best possible care, and on and on. It therefore takes a very large village to fight this horrible disease.

It also takes a village to accomplish what we are trying to do with this tour. Our goal is simply to bring hope to those facing that terrifying diagnosis, and to those that love and support them. By sharing stories of survivorship, introducing products and food that will help during and after treatment, providing massage and Healing Touch, and passing on tips and tricks from those that have gone before, with luck, they’ll leave better able to handle the fight.

We can’t do this alone, it requires those that have the stories to tell, those that have the products to help, and those that will help spread the word for this to work. This is a non monetary event, there are no sponsors, and no funding, it’s just people trying to help other people. If you have anything to contribute, an idea, a person to contact, a place, a survivor who’s picture you’d like to see in the slideshow, a piece of music, anything at all, we’d love to hear it.

The tour starts on Oahu in spring and will continue through the Northwest in summer. If we are successful and are making a difference in peoples lives, we will continue the tour to other parts of the country.

Cities currently on the list are Honolulu, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC, Calgary AB, Coeur d’Alene, Missoula, Jackson Hole, Boise, and Bend. We’ll need help and advice in each of these locations. Also, if you feel we should add another city, please let us know. Thank you.

Heather Spencer

Mission Positive Films

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