C – A Celebration of Life Featuring Childhood Leukemia Survivor Luisa Diaz

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Mission Positive Films presents the documentary C – A Celebration of Life featuring childhood leukemia survivor, Luisa Diaz.

Childhood Leukemia

Luisa Diaz is a remarkable young woman as well as a cancer survivor. Though she went through chemo, radiation, and not just one, but two bone marrow transplants in a very difficult battle with leukemia, she persevered and attained her goal of completing her education. She serves on the board of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation in Tuscan, and has been awarded “The 2010 Outstanding Teen Citizen Award “, ” The Crystal Apple Youth Award “, ” The Mexican Raza Award “, and ” The Youth Service America Award”. Since her recovery, she has been counseling families dealing with childhood leukemia, sharing her experience and giving them hope and guidance.

Her story is one of great courage and determination, and her honesty, strength, and love of family, will move you to laughter and tears.  See Luisa in the new film C- A Celebration of Life, now on sale.


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