Back in the Groove

Since the HURT 100, I’ve been transitioning into short course triathlon mode.  This transition was going well with excellent speed and power until a good friend, Mike Meunch, asked me to run around Oahu withhim.  With about 3 weeks notice, I stopped the triathlon training and focused on long runs.  Well, I got in one long run.  Our adventure was epic, even though I suffered an injury around mile 70.  Goes to show you how important training is.

After the Oahu run attempt, I moved back into triathlon mode managing the leg and ankle injury.  At the Honolulu Triathlon, Olympic distance, I donned my new sun protection ‘Smurf suit’ to provide maximum sun protection.  Since it’s all blue, I really stood out.  The suit was great, but my bike took some damage with the saddle stays cracking leaving me with a wobbling saddle for the 24 mile bike ride.  This really changed the game plan from a PR to a ‘just hold that bike together.’  My arms were shot after holding my arse off the seat while training to maintain some sense of aero position.

The run was fun with an easy sub 7 minute pace, but nothing exceptional as I was just cruising after the bike ride.  I still managed 13th in my age group but 6 minutes slowly with my two bike stops and no real aero benefit.

As I write this, I am excited to learn about the new friends that are part of Heather’s dream and welcome everyone to the family.  And as part of the family, I am returning for a trip to my home in Louisiana to tend to a close family member suffering from cancer that is at stage 4 and little success from the surgery.  Always make time to see those you love when they are alive – no point after!  I’ll take my son with me to see his uncle who is really like my father with my lovely pregnant wife baking inside our new little baby boy due in early September.



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