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Running for Hope

This January 16-17 is the next running of the HURT 100 miler, and I’m working to create an event in conjunction with this epic endeavor.  While running the 100 miles, I’m planning to don a shirt with the names of Hawaii children fighting their personal battle with cancer.  I’m calling this effort of love Running for Hope after seeing Trevor’s cancer return.  It makes me think that sometime HOPE is the strongest medicine one can take.

And I’m doing what I can to dish out some powerful HOPE.  But I’m not doing this alone.  The Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation has accepted my request to collaborate with them on this project, and we are in the process of gathering names.  Also, a wonderful local designer, Tai Blechta, is making the shirt with signatures a reality.  Thanks to both for their support.

As for me, I just need to keep training to make this run as special as I can.  And when I recovery, I plan to bring a shirt to each of the children to show them that anything is possible … with HOPE.

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Meet Josh & Mack, Our New Amazing Family Members

Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Please meet the two newest members to the ” C- A Celebration of Life ” documentary that’s currently being filmed.

First let me introduce Josh Sundquist. He is a bone cancer survivor, that is only in his mid twenties, but has already accomplished a lifetimes worth of achievements. He is a paralympic skier, published author, and highly acclaimed motivational speaker. If you’ll click on his tab in the column to the right, you’ll be able to read more about him and get the link to his website.

Now, please meet Mack Dryden. Mack is an amazing double cancer survivor, that was born to make us laugh. He’s an award winning writer and comedian that has shown his talent on the Tonight Show, with both Johnny and Jay, numerous TV shows, and has been the funny man behind the funny man on the show Politically Incorrect. Please click on Mack’s tab on the right to read more about him and get his website link.

When you visit both Josh’s and Mack’s website, check out their videos, they’re great!

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Clinical trials

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don anf I were very fortunate on Wednesday evening to attend a meeting put on by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There were two terrific doctors that work primarily with clinical trials tied in with the Cancer Research Center, that spoke about the importance of participation in the trials. They covered the issues that concern patients that are considering the possibilities. As I’m sure most of you already know, these trials are the way new and more effective treatments come to to the forefront. What I wasn’t aware of, is that they can in many cases, be safer alternatives. The studies are so well controlled, the participants so closely monitored, and the results so important, that the patient is  actually in very good hands. If you have any interest in more information, check out .

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Meeting with Trevor Sims

On my trip home to Louisiana last week, I was fortunate to meet with Trevor and his family. Seeing the chemo pack on a 7 yr old is always tough. I gave him an ukulele to enjoy, and my son sat and played with him. He’s in for a long battle, and was very weak but managed to offer a smile. He had to leave quickly due to complications from the chemo, but I was very happy to have the chance to say hi.

Running for him these past couple of years feels real. I only hope that he can complete his second round of chemo and radiation, and make a full recovery in time. Keep going and LiveStrong little man!

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