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MPF World News – Meet The Titanosaur

Meet The Titanosaur

If you haven’t been formally introduced yet, this is the newest member of the group of dinosaurs known as Titanosaurs. Found in Argentina in 2014, this yet to be named Vegesaurus ( as they were called in Jurassic Park ),  measures in at an incredible 122 feet long. It’s new home is in the American Museum of Natural History, where as you can see, it’s actually too big to fit in the 4th Floor Gallery. And just to give you a little bit more perspective on the enormous scale, it’s hind legs are 17′ tall, and the pelvic bone is 9′ x 9′. So next time you make it to New York City, you might want to stop by the museum and meet the titanosaur.


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Supporting Paris – When Did Empathy Become Political ?

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Supporting Paris – Should We or Shouldn’t We ?

Getting involved in anything political is a can of worms, but unfortunately, this has been eating at me the last couple of days, so I’m gonna jump in and hope it’s not quicksand. It has been wonderful seeing the world supporting Paris since the attacks, it’s something that doesn’t happen very often, but it’s also led to a backlash of criticism about the necessity, or reason for that support.

Let me get a couple of realities out of the way, and please understand that this article deals with people, not governments. Trying to understand, defend, or condemn governments for their actions is an overwhelming undertaking, and one I will leave to others that are far more knowledgeable.

1) Yes tragically, there are a horrifying amount of atrocities all across the world, most with a much greater loss of life and impact, that are not receiving enough, or any support.

2) Americans as a whole are very uninformed about world events. Our news reports, through television and newspapers, shine a very dim light on what’s happening outside our little corner of the world, and most of us don’t take the time to search outside the normal sources to find out what’s really going on.

3) We are inundated daily with pleads for help to fight disease, hunger, animal abuse, environmental issues, etc. that trying to choose what to support with limited time and resources, becomes very difficult for the average person.

4) Yes, all of this is not in any way an excuse for letting any atrocities go unnoticed or unchecked.

Americans, and all of the world’s population need to take the time and effort to get involved in what is happening around our planet. We are no longer confined to an area where our only concern is what’s occurring in our city, state, or country. The world is quickly becoming a global society, and what affects one region, affects the others. That is why supporting Paris is so important. It now needs to be expanded to other parts of the world as well, but the way to that end is not by condemning or belittling the effort, it’s by praising it, and allowing it to grow. The photos, and flags and social media posts are people supporting people, not people supporting a government, or that government’s choices.

Our hearts go out to the millions in the world that are suffering needlessly from others that are using religion, greed, and corruption as excuses for cruelty. Since awareness is the first step toward change, we will start posting articles that help to shine a light on what is transpiring around the earth in hopes that the information will be passed along , and that awareness turns into action. We will continue supporting Paris, but will be much more proactive in supporting other areas of the world as well.

Heather M Spencer

Mission Positive Films


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