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Meeting with Trevor Sims

On my trip home to Louisiana last week, I was fortunate to meet with Trevor and his family. Seeing the chemo pack on a 7 yr old is always tough. I gave him an ukulele to enjoy, and my son sat and played with him. He’s in for a long battle, and was very weak but managed to offer a smile. He had to leave quickly due to complications from the chemo, but I was very happy to have the chance to say hi.

Running for him these past couple of years feels real. I only hope that he can complete his second round of chemo and radiation, and make a full recovery in time. Keep going and LiveStrong little man!

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Aloha All !

Probably most of you are familiar with the benefits of a blog.  For me, I’m really excited to hear what’s going on in all of your exciting lives and to be able to banter back-and-forth on all sorts of subject matter, but especially on cancer-related topics.  I feel very lucky to be associated with this group of inspirational people. Thank you Heather, for including me.  Don

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