The Celebration Tour

Hi Folks,
What does a cancer documentary, a Winnebago Scorpion Toy Hauler, seven stray cats, one stray dog, a 35th year anniversary, and a love of hiking all have in common ?
The answer; The Celebration Tour.
This begins what should be a very interesting adventure that involves taking a ridiculously large RV, and a ton of animals, on a promotional tour of our newly completed documentary ” C – A Celebration of Life “. Our plan is to share our experiences with those that like stories slightly off the beaten path. Think Lucy and Ricky in an RV, for those of you old enough to remember that. I’ll be posting information about the why’s, how’s, where’s, and what in the world did we get ourselves into’s. You’ll get acquainted with the ” Scorpion “, laugh as we learn how to maneuver it, meet ” the kids ” ( which is how we refer to our 4 legged companions ), follow the ups and downs of the showings, and hopefully, see photos of some beautiful country on our hikes.
We are not experienced RV’ers, we have not traveled with multiple animals, and this is the first promotional tour we’ve done, so trust me, you’ll definitely get some good laughs out of this one.
Well, let’s get started.

During the seven years that I worked on the Celebration documentary, I thought that was the hard part; self financing, filming, editing, graphics, sound, lighting, travel, permissions, and on and on. I just knew that as soon as the film was finished, there would be an immediate audience, especially since it dealt with a subject that touched so many lives. I had heard over and over again, how needed it was, how much it would benefit care facilities and support groups, all I had to do was get it done. Well I finally completed it, and with great exuberance, started contacting all the groups that I knew would be thrilled to have it, and boy did I get a surprise. I soon found out what most independent producers already know, the hard part isn’t making it, the hard part is selling it, or in my case, even giving it away. And it has nothing to do with the quality, because fortunately, I’ve gotten enough honest feedback to know it’s a substantial piece, but even getting people to watch it, is more difficult than I ever could have imagined. Yes, I know a cancer documentary is not high on the list of ” Boy, that’s what I want to watch on a Saturday night “, but I’ve been contacting the people in the cancer field, and time seems to be something very few have enough of. Also, what I am finding, is that the larger support groups are run with very strict guidelines as to any content that they are associated with, so most will only deal with their own productions. I have received a couple of responses though that are worth sharing. One group told me that it was a well done and very inspiring film, but it would give their members “too” much hope. Another group said they would have been very interested if it only dealt with their type of cancer, but since their are a number of cancers represented, it didn’t fall within their structure.

Where I am running into success with the film, is at the ground floor of treatment, the oncologists, and nurses. They recognize it as a valuable tool to help their patients, which is exactly what it was meant to be. Consequently, it now seems the best way to get this in the hands of the people that need it, is to go to the medical staff, the local support groups, and of course the patients themselves, so ” The Celebration Tour ” is born.

The tour is set to hit the road in July next year, and travel throughout the Northwest through September. We’ll be setting up showings in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Bozeman, Cheyenne, Denver, Salt Lake, and Boise.

Now that you have the basics, the next postings will start giving you the details. I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Believe me, we’re gonna need a lot of help.
Talk to you soon.
Heather Spencer

Mission Positive Films

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