Running for Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

I’m heading back home to Louisiana amidst the flooding to run 50 miles for Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center (MBP).  MBP has been around about as long as I have, and making a difference in the struggle people unfortunately has with cancer.  On May 20th starting at 6AM, I’ll push off with the initial strides and keep running around the beautiful Louisiana State University lakes until I complete 50 miles.

Oddly enough, it’s been 5 years since I completed my cancer treatment.  What a better celebration than to do something more than myself and give back.  I hope to raise a few donations with a page dedicated to MBP at  The donations go directly to MBP and will make a difference in the lives of so many facing the battle that too many have already endured.

A few friends and likely a few strangers will join me for this event.  With technology today, I’ve been working with Denver Benton of Denver Benton Fitness Services from over 5,000 miles away.  We’ll finally meet in person at the event, and I look forward to a few miles of making a new friend.

During this opportunity, I will remember why I am running – this will be easy actually.  I’ll be covered from the sun, wearing strong sunblock as well as 50+ UPF rated clothing and head wraps.  And as I endure since my cancer, I’ll drink my nutrition more than any eating.  And this is a good thing to remember, since I’m out there stronger than ever!

As the miles roll past and the day gets older, my mind will slowly move to the completion and know that my new baby boy in his mom’s arms will be there waiting for me.  I hope to run the last little part with my oldest son who is now out of kindergarten and was only 1 when I underwent my ordeal.  My family will be there providing support and thinking as always how crazy I am, but knowing inside how proud they are.

Anyone can donate through the above website, and follow along via Twitter @CancerRunner.  Keep running, keep moving and never, ever quit the fight.

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